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My whole family had tried for months to get my husband to stop drinking, he was destroying himself. I spoke to Barry from Rehab Advisor and he calmly explained the options open to my husband and me. Within days he had found the right treatment centre and since then my children have got their father back and I can smile again.

Sarah B.

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At Rehab Advisor we have a dedicated team of caring professionals with vast experience in dealing with the problems arising from alcohol or drug addiction. We understand that everyone we deal with is an individual and our consultants are able to advise on the best way to deal with each individual problem.

We provide a totally independent and free advice service based on our knowledge and experience of the facilities for treatment available throughout the United Kingdom and across the world. Whether you or a loved one needs detox, rehab or just a chat about the problem call us now, we have consultants available 24hours a day.

So whether the problem invoves alcohol or drugs, including prescribed medication, there is a solution. The solution starts with a call to discuss the problem and together we can put together a programme that will lead to a succesful and lasting recovery.

Free Phone    0800 078 7757    Finding the answer


It is a big step to recognize that drugs and alcohol have taken over your life or the life of a loved one. No one chooses to be addicted to drugs or alcohol but once they have reached that point in their life they are suffering from a complex illness. Because addiction is a disease people cannot just simply stop using for a few days and be cured. Help is needed, and the sooner that help is provided the better.

We at Rehab Advisor are available 24 hours a day to help you find your way through the many, and sometimes confusing, choices available. We are here to answer those questions which are so important in deciding the next step. We will explain the differences between detox and rehab, and between the different models of treatment on offer. We will advise you of the timescale and the costs involved; all of our advice is given to you completely free and is based on your own particular circumstances.

Help is just a phone call away Free Phone 0800 078 7757

Drug Problems

Drug Addiction is a complex illness characterised by intense and, at times uncontrollable drug craving along with compulsive use that persists even in the face of devastating consequences. The addicted person loses the ability to choose and it will require more than willpower to treat this addiction.

There are many types of drugs that people can become addicted to ranging from those that have been prescribed for them to illegal substances and the ever-growing menace of the so-called legal highs. We have provided links to more specific information about these different drugs but a call to our freephone number 0800 078 7757 will put you in touch with a consultant who will discuss any problems you have and tell you what help is available. A drug detox is generally the first requirement and this may be followed by a period of drug rehab. We will help you choose the right programme at the right treatment centre for detox or rehab.

Problems with Alcohol?

The person with the problem is often the last to realise, and even more often the last to accept that he or she has a problem. The signs are there if we want to see them and they include:

  • A desire to drink every day
  • Drinking alone, often simply for the sake of consuming alcohol
  • Drinking at unsociable hours
  • Feeling that you need a drink to “get going”
  • Drinking when you have promised not to
  • Getting angry when others comment on your drinking
  • Being unable to remember what happened while you were drinking
  • Having “the shakes” and needing a drink to control them

There are many others that are unique to each individual drinker.

Help is needed and help is at hand. This can be in the form of an alcohol detox or treatment and the difference is explained by following the links. There is a wide choice of treatment centres available and we can discuss with you the options available in terms of location, cost and type of treatment. We have a consultant waiting for your call on our freephone number 0800 078 7757

Call Now Free Phone      0800 078 7757       Finding the answer