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About Us

At Rehab Advisor we have a dedicated team of caring professionals with vast experience in dealing with the problems arising from alcohol or drug addiction. We understand that everyone we deal with is an individual and our consultants are able to advise on the best way to deal with each individual problem.

We provide a totally independent and free advice service based on our knowledge and experience of the facilities for treatment available throughout the United Kingdom and across the world. Whether you or a loved one needs detox, rehab or just a chat about the problem call us now, we have consultants available 24 hours a day.

So whether the problem invoves alcohol or drugs, including prescribed medication, there is a solution. The solution starts with a call to discuss the problem and together we can put together a programme that will lead to a succesful and lasting recovery.

"I started using drugs at weekends with friends. By the time I was at Uni I was using every day and my life was becoming a total mess. I could not stop and my parents phoned the people at Rehab Advisor. They had loads of experience in these situations and spoke to me and the family about the problem and my options. We followed their advice and after a spell in rehab my life is back on track."
Jordan H.

Free Phone    0800 078 7757    Finding the answer

Our role is to help you in as many ways as we can; we will explain things in the clearest possible way. We will not direct you to courses of treatment that we feel would be unsuitable or to a treatment centre that does not reach the high standards we set. Every facility we use is regulated and approved, where necessary by the Care Quality Commission, and we are constantly checking them to ensure they reach the high standards we insist upon. Other sites offer more facilities but ours are handpicked because we never forget that every call we take is from an individual.

Call Now Free Phone      0800 078 7757       Finding the answer